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Wednesday, April 13, 2016
By Loren Fogelman
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What do you think being an entrepreneur looks like? Does it mean working long hours, chasing paper trails, and taking on every role yourself – even the ones you hate? Are you so bogged down in all the details that you don’t have time to remember why you really started your business? If so, it’s time to reframe your understanding of entrepreneurship. This book describes five critical strategies for transforming your work life from tedious and stressful to fulfilling and energizing.

Setting aside the time to work on your business, instead of only in your business, is incredibly important if you want to stay focused on the real reasons that you went into business for yourself. What are they anyway? Have you lost sight of your true mission? Of all the great things you want to accomplish?

The strategies outlined in the following pages are easy to implement and will give you the tools you need to feel energized, motivated and clear about your vision and path to success. You’ll also learn how to attract your ideal clients and have the confidence to charge what you’re worth. Take a moment to emerge from the chaos and clutter of your current work life, and learn how accelerate your success while doing the things you love the most.

Strategy #1 Get Crystal Clear About Your Vision 

When was the last time you stopped to think about what success really looks like for you? Getting crystal clear about your destination is more important than you think.

Why? Because your brain has an internal GPS system that will help you arrive where you want to go, but only if you are incredibly specific about the destination. It’s the difference between telling the GPS in your car that you want to go to Atlanta versus telling it the exact address that you want to arrive at. Your brain’s GPS is called the Reticular Activating System, or RAS.

Your RAS is charged with focusing your attention on what’s truly important. It’s the connection between your conscious and subconscious. If you are crystal clear about your vision, your RAS will help filter out the negative thoughts and distractions that prevent you from achieving your goal.

Once you show your brain what success looks like, your RAS will start looking for opportunities to steer you toward your destination. Knowing the exact steps is unnecessary. All you need to do is follow each opportunity as it appears.

Program your RAS now. Take a moment and visualize what success looks like. Think of what you want and why you want it. You’re the storyteller of your future. Describe your vision with rich, vibrant detail. Keep it in the present as if it’s happening this very moment.

Strategy #2 Prioritize: Courage Over Confidence

Confidence isn’t required to succeed. Courage is.  Highly successful entrepreneurs exude confidence because success breeds confidence. However, self-doubt does not discriminate; it impacts entrepreneurs at all levels of success. So how do you continue moving forward when your confidence wavers? Find courage. Courage, unlike confidence, means you stand up, brush yourself off and continue on your path when things don’t go as planned. It means moving forward, even when you’re unsure about the outcome.

 Courage gets results.  Courage leads to results, even when confidence is absent. Think of it as a muscle you want to strengthen. Stepping outside your comfort zone builds this muscle. Courage comes naturally when you’re crystal clear about your vision because your RAS will help steer you around internal roadblocks.

 Here’s the courage framework to accelerate your success:

  • Check in. Take a quick reality check when doubt and fear arise. Are they based upon actual danger? If not, then move forward.
  • Oust the inner critic. Doubt is rarely based upon reality or logic. Flex your courage muscle.  Step up where you would normally step away.
  • Get support. You’re not the only one experiencing apprehension. Find a coach or join a group of entrepreneurs who seek similar results.
  • Choose the best option. There are only three options: 1) Decide to remain in your comfort zone and step away from your dream; 2) Lower    your expectations; or 3) Be courageous and move forward.
  • Go for it. If you don’t move forward now, when will you?

Are you shaking your head “yes” in agreement?  

Strategy #3  Focus Your Energy

From a young age we are expected to be well rounded and good at everything. Receiving A’s in your best subjects and then average grades in other subjects is not enough. You’re expected to excel in all subjects. Well, this is a poor business strategy. Specialists earn higher wages than generalists. If your client has a specific issue, they will seek the expert instead of the generalist who dabbles in a variety of areas.

What makes you exceptional? Your strengths do. These light you up. You can do strengths-based activities all day long and feel vibrant and energized. There are other tasks that drain your energy. You avoid them because they feel like punishment. Entrepreneurs who succeed devote 80 percent of their time to the tasks they love, and learn to delegate the rest.

Here’s a template for reprioritizing your day:

  • Eliminate activities that drain you by delegating. You may think that you’re meant to do everything, but you’re not. Imagine what it would be like primarily doing the things you love most and delegate the rest.  
  • Remove the energy vampires. You know who those people are. Spending any time with them is exhausting, so don’t.
  • Say what you mean. Don’t say “yes” when you really mean “no.” It’s easy to overextend yourself by saying yes to every request. The procrastination and resentment that follow lets you know you’re acting out of integrity.

When you take these actions, you’ll be amazed at how much energy you have to accelerate your success.

Strategy #4  Speak Your Client’s Love Language

Many entrepreneurs resist defining an ideal client. When I ask my clients whom they want to work with, they say ‘everyone’. They’re afraid that if they get too specific they’ll lose business. However, trying to speak to everyone means no one will be inspired by your message.

Here are some strategies for attracting your ideal clients:

  • Be a specialist. In Strategy #3 we discussed the importance of focusing on your strengths. Instead of going wide like a generalist, specialists go deep with their specific expertise. People will choose to work with you because they identify with your areas of expertise.
  •  Know your people. Do you really know your ideal client? Focus on learning about their desires. These are the ones they share with others. Make an effort to learn their deepest desires. These are the ones they that they secretly keep to themselves because they fear the judgment of others
  • Know who your people aren’t. I know that ‘whiners’ and ‘tire kickers’ are not my ideal clients. They drain me. Criticism, blame and lack of commitment are red flags for me. Since I’m results-oriented, I choose to work with people who are eager to catapult their business.
  • Craft a message that resonates emotionally and intellectually with your ideal client. When you understand and can speak to your ideal client’s innermost desires, you are speaking their love language. Speaking to their innermost needs is the quickest way to develop a connection and trust. 

Strategy #5:  Develop A Prosperity Mindset

Developing a prosperity mindset influences your entire business. What does that mean? It means that you know the value of your unique gifts and are not afraid to price them accordingly.

Here are some clues that you might not have a prosperity mindset:

  • Pricing. Are you competing with the low cost leader? Do you believe your rates reflect your worth? If not, why haven’t you raised your rates recently?
  • Offers. How well do you articulate your value? Do you downplay your value when talking to prospective clients? 
  • Sales. Are you great at telling people about your product or service, but not so comfortable making a pitch or closing the deal?

Do these sound familiar? If so, then you’re holding yourself back from the success you deserve. Fortunately, if you’ve followed Steps 1-4, then you have the vision, courage, energy and ideal clients that you need to have the right mindset for prosperity.

Raising your rates is difficult. All of your fears about whether you’ll kill a potential sale because your fees are too high quickly surface. I know; I’ve been there too. Flex your courage muscle. If you’ve done your work and found your ideal clients, they’ll be willing to pay more because they deeply value what you have to offer.

Are you ready to get the help you need? 

 Build a Business You Love to Support the Lifestyle You Want

Building a business you love and one that supports your lifestyle is not for everyone. The person you are today is different from who you’ll become when you achieve the next level of success. You’ll be asked to stretch beyond your comfort zone and engage your courage muscle. You’ll grow because you’ll learn to step up where you used to step away.

By using my approach, my clients have developed the skills to develop a dream business that suits their lifestyle. I want that for you, too! No entrepreneur or leader needs to play a smaller game or remain stuck. I know it doesn’t have to be a struggle for change to occur. I know how to help you succeed in a way that feels genuine and authentic for you.

Loren Fogelman is the founder of Business Success Solution.  An internationally recognized success expert and speaker, Loren helps high achieving business owners unlock the secrets to success and accelerate their bottom line. Results-focused and strength-based, Loren motivates her clients to clear the obstacles that stand in the way of enormous success.

Loren is author of The Winning Point – How to Master the Mindset of Champions, an Amazon #1 bestseller. Recognized as a high performance consultant by the LA Times, Loren helps her clients accelerate their businesses and consistently achieve goals they previously only dreamed were possible.

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