Wednesday, March 09, 2016
By Stacey Canfield
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It only takes a fraction of a second to make a first impression. In fact, in the time that it takes someone to glance at your Facebook photo, check out the cover of your new product, or see a flyer promoting your next speaking engagement, they have already made impressions on your expertise, trustworthiness, friendliness and other factors that will affect if they want to learn more or even do business with you.

Your images are one of the most powerful tools you have for encouraging positive first impressions that will benefit your business and boost your income. We’ve helped hundreds of speakers create their brand images over the years. During that time we realized that it takes more than one headshot to support your media presence – in fact, there are five types of photos that are essential for sending the right message.

We’ve gathered here for you the five most important images for your image portfolio – and how you can use those images to send the right message and create the right impression, supporting your success right from the very start.

Must Have Photo #1: The Profile

When someone looks at a photo of you for the first time, they are subconsciously assessing if you are competent, reliable and credible – helping them decide if they will invest in you. Just as importantly, they are also deciding if you are approachable, friendly, and can be trusted when it comes to your unique expertise.

The Profile Photo is very social-media friendly and will be your go-to image online. Through subtle posture, positioning and placement, this image will “introduce” you to audiences online and create subliminal messages of warmth, expertise and intelligence.

In an internet era where LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, websites, and blogs are used to connect with your target audience, it’s critical that the Profile Photo you use throughout shares the right message to support your goals.

Take a look at your Profile Photo and ask yourself:  Does my photo make best of every first impression opportunity?

Must Have Photo #2: The Speaker

Wherever you stand up and share your message you need photographs that visually articulate your personal brand. This is true whether you are looking to get promoted within your firm, are hoping to be invited as a keynote speaker at your industry’s next conference, or are a small business owner and entrepreneur. The Speaker Photo is an important part of your plan for maximizing the first impression people have of you – even before they meet you in person. It will help to create the right first impression, support your authority, illuminate your personality, and allow people to feel a connection with you.

A dynamic Speaker Photo allows event hosts and booking agents to visualize how you will look onstage. Engaging and energetic, this image should feature an animated expression that demonstrates the experience audiences will receive and is often featured at three-quarter to full length on a speaker sheet.

Whether your place is on the big stage, leading local workshops, inspiring change among your colleagues, or mentoring at intimate weekend retreats, your Speaker Photo is the key to taking your place in the spotlight and leaving a lasting positive impression.

Must Have Photo #3: Author Photo

People often form impressions based on their first glance at a book cover followed by, yes, your Author Photo. You’re put your heart and soul into sharing a story or message through your book – and your Author Photo should complement – not compete – with it.

We all understand that there is often value in showing more than telling. A high-quality Author Photo that is in alignment with the book you have written shows readers, agents, publishers and others that you are someone to take notice of. Featured in media interviews, on posters, brochures, press releases, author events and book signings, a strategic Author Photo makes you and your work more memorable. They give readers a taste of who you are, and a peek at the person behind the story.

While traditional novelists prefer a moody, black-and-white character study, the entrepreneurial author deserves a different treatment. Your Author Photo can range in expression from serious to smiling to full-out laughing. Its purpose is to position your expertise and embody the message you want to share.

While the written word is very powerful, the right Author Photo is also important for capturing your audience’s attention and creating connections that will support the success of your book.

Must Have Photo #4: The Guest Photo

You’re a featured speaker at an upcoming event perfect for expanding your impact and influence – depending on how many people attend. Your secret weapon for capturing attention, boosting signups and ensuring that you’ll be invited back again? Your Guest Photo!

The Guest Photo is a stand-out headshot most often used when you are a featured guest expert at live or online venues including workshops, telesummits, or big stage platform events. This image showcases your most captivating smile. Friendly and confident, it quickly engages viewers, supports your credibility and expertise, and helps you to stand out from the crowd.

Bold, creative, unique Guest Photos are essential for creating interest, setting the right tone, and establishing that you’re The One who will make any event shine.

Must Have Photo #5: Product 

It’s easy to get lost in the shuffle when you’re launching a new product, but that stops now. Why? Because this product is the result of your brilliance and you’re the key to creating its successful debut, with the help of Product Images that bring your story to life.

Product Images are full-length or three-quarter action photos that position you to introduce your product. The work together to create a cohesive brand message that ignites attention and supports your product. These are the images you will use on tradeshow banners, DVD or CD covers, brochures, invitations, announcements and product one-sheets.

It’s time to introduce your new product to the world – and give them a peek into the brilliance that brought it to life!

When it comes to your brand, a full deck of supporting images is better than just one headshot. With these five images, you can be confident that you’re creating an unforgettable first impression that will captivate your audience, without saying a word. 

They say that it only take 1/10th of a second to make a first impression. The images you use can motivate people to want to learn more, invest more and trust what you are saying. Use the wrong images, however, and you risk turning them away at first sight.

We live in a visual world and images are often the only way that people have for forming their impressions of you and deciding if you are the person they need. If you don’t control your image, the internet will control it for you. 

It’s time to create powerful brand images that boost your credibility, create valuable connections, and increase your impact and income! You can have them all – and have fun along the way! Click HERE to schedule a time to talk with the Image Artist Team and learn about our VIP personal branding portrait session.  Together we’ll create the portfolio you deserve. 

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